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BCH Order Code LAB2381 Lactose Tolerance, Plasma

Performing Laboratory

Boulder Community Health

Specimen Requirements

Notify Boulder Community Hospital Laboratory 1 day prior to the
test so the laboratory can prepare the lactose solution.


Patient Preparation

The patient must be fasting (12-14 hours). Be certain that the
patient is not receiving IV glucose (dextrose) solutions during the
testing period. The test cannot be properly interpreted if the
patient vomits or has diarrhea during the test. Although, diarrhea
in response to the ingested lactose may be evidence of intolerance,
as is significant abdominal intolerance.


Specimen Collection

Container: 1 grey-top (sodium fluoride) tube
Specimen Volume: 1.0 mL of sodium fluoride plasma

Collection Instructions: Fasting (12-14 hours). Draw as

1. After the fasting specimen is drawn, the patient is given a
preparation of 50 gms of lactose / 8 oz (250 mL) of cool
water  (prepared by Boulder Community Hospital Laboratory and
kept refrigerated).

2. A grey-top (sodium fluoride) tube is drawn for each
specimen:  fasting, 1/2 hour, 1 hour, 2 hours, and 3


Note:  This test should be scheduled on a
weekday, if possible, due to reduced staffing on weekends.

Reference Values

Peak rise: >25 mg/dL

Critical value (automatic call-back): <40 mg/dL or >500

Day(s) Test Set Up

Monday through Friday

Test Classification and CPT Coding

82951-3 specimens

82952-each additional specimen