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BCH Order Code LAB252 Wet Mount - Vaginal/Genital

Important Note

Wet mount is not the recommended test for detection of Trichomonas.  Bacterial Vaginosis Panel (BDAFFIRM) is preferred Method.

Reporting Title


Useful For

Screening for the presence of Trichomonas Vaginalis.  

Performing Laboratory

Boulder Community Health

Specimen Requirements

Container/Tube: Culture transport swab

Specimen: Vaginal or urethral (males)

Collection Instructions: Send aerobic swab to lab within 30 minutes.  Elution in saline will be performed by the lab.

Note:  Douching within 3 days of collection should be avoided.

Specimen Transport Temperature

Ambient only


Microscopic exam of glass slide holding a specimen suspended in drop of saline.

Reference Values

No trichomonas seen.  No yeast seen.

No clue cells seen

If present, WBCs will be reported.

Day(s) Test Set Up


Test Classification and CPT Coding


LOINC Code Information