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BCH Order Code LAB313 D-Dimer, Plasma

Performing Laboratory

Boulder Community Health

Specimen Requirements

Unspun specimen must arrive within 1 hour of


Submit only 1 of the following specimens:



Container/Tube: 2.7 mL or 1.8 mL light
blue-top (citrate) tube

Specimen Volume: Full tube sodium citrated
whole blood

Collection Instructions: Mix well by
Note:   1.) When drawing by VACUTAINER®,
light-blue top (citrate) tube must be the second or third tube
drawn. If only a coagulation test is being obtained, draw a discard
tube first before drawing light blue-top (citrate) tube.

2.) Once sample is drawn, tube must be quickly inverted three or
four times to mix. Mixing should never be so vigorous as to cause
frothing – proper mixing can be accomplished by gentle


Syringe Method
To prevent tissue fluid contamination, use the “Two Syringe
Technique” as follows:

Container/Tube: Syringe with needle removed

Specimen Volume: 2.7 mL or 1.8 mL citrate whole

Collection Instructions:  Draw the first
syringe and discard. Draw second syringe, transfer to a
light blue-top (citrate) tube, and send citrate whole blood.

Note: The Vacutainer should be allowed to fill from the
syring/needle through the stopper. Do not squirt or force the blood
into Vacutainer tube from syringe.

Specimen Transport Temperature




Useful for the diagnosis of disseminated intravascular
coagulation (DIC). The list of conditions associated with DIC is

Reference Values

≤0.50 µg/mL FEU (Fibrinogen Equivalent Units)

Day(s) Test Set Up

Monday through Sunday

Test Classification and CPT Coding